Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In ‘Smoky Brunette’ // Before + After

Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In 'Smoky Brunette' // Before + After

Having previously been impressed by the Josh Wood ‘Warm Me Up’ Shade Shot + Everything MaskI was keen to try out the latest launches from Josh Wood’s home colour line which are a family of ‘Shade Shot Glosses‘.

Over the past couple of months, I have been dabbling with new hair colours and trying out different shades and tones. The pictures will probably say it better, but as I write this post, my hair is currently a warm browny/blondey/auburn with lots of orange-toned red in it from when I bleached this burgundy red colour out of my hair.

I naturally gravitate towards the warmer toners however, on this occasion, I decided to give Josh Wood’s new Shade Shot Gloss in the colour ‘Smoky Brunette a whirl. My decision was partially centred around calming down the brassiness in my hair. So what else can I say? Well, the gloss was quite expensive at Ā£15 from Boots and because of this price point, these glossing products definitely borderline into professional salon brand price territory. I was particularly interested to see whether or not the quality of the product reflected the meatier price.

Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In 'Smoky Brunette' // Before + After

What do the Josh Wood Shade Shot Glosses claim to do?

According to the product description, these glosses are semi-permanent treatments that condition and colour your hair. There are four glosses available in the range which includes a Champagne gloss for blonde hair, an Icy Blonde gloss from blonde hair, aChestnut brown glossfor brunette hair and the variant I chose, Smoky Brunette gloss.

The glosses are all designed to be used weekly and work on both natural and coloured hair making them an ideal choice for refreshing colour between dye jobs either at home or in the salon.

Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In 'Smoky Brunette' // Before + After

How does the Josh Wood ‘Smoky Brunette’ gloss work?

The ‘Smoky Brunette’ gloss is a semi-permanent colour that lasts up to 6 washes. It intends to refresh your colour, stop fading and neutralise any unwanted orange and red tones for a cool brunette finish, all whilst deeply conditioning and add shine. 
My hair before using the ‘Smoky Brunette’ gloss
Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In 'Smoky Brunette' // Before + After

As you can see, my hair has a lot of warmth through the ends. For me, this is not a bad thing, but I was very interested to see how much the Smoky shade gloss toned this firey colour down. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. 

My hair after using the ‘Smoky Brunette’ gloss
Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss In 'Smoky Brunette' // Before + After

I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo (The one mentioned in this post) and let it air dry to a dampened state. I applied the dark gloss formula (don’t forget gloves – this stuff stains!) and left it on for the maximum time of 20 minutes before rinsing.

As you can see in the picture above, the formula left my hair looking noticeably darker / more cool toned and even. It also left my hair super, super soft and shiny as well as smelling SO GOOD! It’s hard to put my finger on but the scent is so fresh and gorgeous and I can’t get over the just-stepped-out-of-the-salon softness. I’m really pleased with how this glossing toner worked! Now to see how it fades over time.

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