April Glossybox: ‘The Natural Box’

“Didn’t you know? Green is the new black!”

-The Glossy Girls

– It was no suprise that I couldn’t hear the postman apparently hammering on our front door on Friday afternoon at precisley 12:55.

I was apreciating Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album. 

Specifically the song ‘Lord Knows’.

And when I say apreciating, the chandelier in our living room was shaking violently to every bass thump, my collection of perfume bottles were sliding off my shelves and collecting on my bedroom floor in a sporadic jumble and I was singing at the very top of my voice whilst bleaching the red hair dye and fake tan out of the grout in the bathroom tiles. 

With all that going on, old posty had to grab my unsuspecting mother as she got out of her car to hand her a package that ‘needed to be signed for’ and ‘was too large for the letterbox’.

Welcome, April Glossybox.

The easily recognisable, dusky pink Glossybox has been replaced temporarily this month with a 100% biodegradable rustic, taupe box.

Glossybox were embracing ‘Earth month’ with their latest monthly offering by supporting the brands that help the environment by producing products with natural packaging and ingredients.

Although I love the concept. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I opened the lid, untied the ribbon and carefully peeled back the signature sticker from the tissue paper.

Shower gel.

Now, I have absolutley nothing against the product itself. The Ayuuri Natural body wash is very pleasant to use. And I was super pleased to see a full sized product thrown in.

The ‘Neem’ body wash is very invigorating first thing on a morning getting a hit of tea tree, peppermint and ecualyptus oil. Neem is apparently an anti inflammatory, anticeptic and anti fungal and is prized in India for it’s ability to promote healthy skin.

However lovely product aside, I am dissapointed in Glossybox’s lack of variety between boxes.

I mean, Did I not have a shower gel last month? The month before? and the month before that? My shower rack is getting a little congested!


Next up is a lip balm from Figs and Rouge, another full size product. This product tastes identical to Turkish Delight or as though you are eating a rose bush. It’s a quirky, vintage-esc little tin to throw into your handbag though and the balm itself is actually super moisturising which is ideal if you are like me and are prone to dry, chapped lips – resulting in your favourite MAC lippy looking ridiculously cakey on your lips. Ruby Woo I am looking at you!

Amongst the other products in the box I only really took a shine to one other product and that is the Inika cosmetics eyeliner. Luckily this came at a good time as I had left my black kohl liner at college. It is a creamy formula and applies to the tightline and waterline smoothly.

The remaining products were a Kai perfume oil and a Caudalie serum for the face. Just the bog standard box fillers in my opinion.

Although I love the Glossybox concept, time and time again I just tire of seeing the same products. I think the only product I have repurchased post Glossybox trial was the HD brows kit, that was a winner.

Glossybox really need to give us some more winners and not an endless supply of shower gel or perfume samples!

Are you still subscribed to Glossybox? Or have you found a better alternative?

Love, Holl



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