“I don’t like standard beauty  

there is no beauty without strangeness”
Karl Lagerfeld

– Foundation is tricky. 
Finding the right shade, the right consistency the right staying power, the right coverage the right tone of pink or yellow and the right wearability is tiring.
Foundation for me, is one of the hardest cosmetics to get right – and if it isn’t right 
it can cause a whole host of other problems.
Cakey face, ghost face, orange face, patchy face, shiny face…

Okay, okay lets stop
 although, I am sure we have all been there at some point girls.
The ease of visting a professional make up artist to be matched up to your perfect foundation
takes the whole ‘is this my shade?’,’ ‘will this look good on my skin?’ burden away
however, the prices of the high end foundations examples coming from the likes of Chanel, Lancome, and Estee Lauder are not always easy for students like myself to get our mits on.
Believe me, if I could afford a perfect match, high end, amazeballs foundation, I would buy it in a shot.
But for now, I stick to these trusty ‘drugstore’ foundations.
Some of them work better for me than others, some I replace time and time again, others I won’t re purchase and some I want to work for me so badly but unfortunatley they do not.

It is important to know your skin type as it may mean a foundation that looks amazing on your friend won’t look so hot on yourself.
You need to establish whether you have oily skin or dry skin.
In all honesty a lot of the ‘drugstore’ foundations aren’t specific enough when it comes to skin type but there are things to take note of when it comes to finding your match made in heaven.

My skin changes quite frequently although I have moderatley oily skin and in the odd times of me having dry skin, my T-zone tends to stay quite oily so naturally I always swayed towards the more matte foundations to help combat the shine.

Through pure trial and error I have accumulated 6 ‘drugstore’ foundations in my ‘face draw’.
The others in my collection belong to the MAC family.

I hope you find this post helpful in finding a ‘drugstore’ foundation that may well work for you.

Rimmel – ‘Lasting Finish 25 hour’ foundation
Shade: 100 Ivory
“Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours. Enriched with a revitalising mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer. Skin feels moisturised and energised all day”

– I found this foundation in one of my handbags after having a clear out and have no recollection of actually puchasing it. I do really like it though. I don’t agree that it lasts 25 hours without becoming a little patchy and uneven after the first 8 hours you need to apply a little powder. I like that this product doesnt not contain an SPF so you are not sporting the dreaded ‘ghost face’ on photographs.
I like that the coverage is medium to a buildable full coverage.
It is great for combination or oily skin and not a great amount of product is required to cover your whole face. It also so reasonably priced for the quality it gives.
I tend to use this foundation as a night out foundation as it ticks all the boxes.
no flash back check, long wearing check good coverage check.
I would definatley re purchase this foundation.

W7‘Sheer Colour’ Foundation
Shade: 05 Buscuit

– I bought this foundation on a whim last new years eve when I was staying at a friends house and I didn’t want to leave all my ‘good’ makeup at her house overnight as I knew I wouldn’t have time to collect it over the seasonal period.
I bought it from a cheap toiletry store and used it for the one night.
I know I am a fan of bargain beauty but even this was taking it a little too far for me.
For starters it is ridiculously orange in tone and the coverage is very, very, very sheer despite the cream formulation being rather thick. In terms of longitivity it is completely short lasting. It is creamy but unblendable as it tends to just smudge all over your face, using a brush to apply this product would leave your face streaky, if you were to buy it use your fingers instead to work the product in more easily.
I tend to use it these days as a concealer to pat out any redness on my face, it works well for that, but as an everyday foundation it’s not that great.

Rimmel‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation
Shade: 200 Soft Beige
“Our first foundation that visably reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless natural looking finish. Instant anti fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex.”

– This is currently my favourite, everyday foundation.
Having succumbed to the hype surrounding this product I finally jumped (rather late) onto the bandwagon and I can say with certainty that this foundation will be sticking around long after the first bottle is on its last legs.
Although this product needs a good amount working into the skin to build up a good coverage it instantly covers blemishes, redness and dark circles.
I personally don’t notice the shimmer from the product on my face although some people said that for them it was noticeable.
It is just a lovely foundation it isn’t of a matte finish, instead you are provided with a fresh, awaken glow, I wouldn’t even go as far as saying it is a dewy finish.
It is also long lasting, I applied it at 8am and by 5pm in the evening it was still very much present on my face without the need for powder.

Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix’ Foundation
Shade: 53
“Perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin”

– This foundation gives me such a natural finish, it is rather watery (well obviously it’s a water based foundation ha ha) when applying it but it is just SO lovely you can overlook that. It contains ‘fruit therapy’ from 5 fruits. As you can see by how much I have used it is a firm fave. 
 Apricot – For radiance 
Melon –  For hydration 
Apple – For anti-oxidants 
Ginger – For energy
 The smell of this foundation is just heavenly (it’s rather apricoty) and has rightly been heavily raved about on both YouTube and beauty blogs. It is just one of those foundations that I got along with straight away. I feel it needs a few little touch up’s within the 16 hour window it states to provide the same coverage as when applied in. But a bit of powder this is easily sorted. It leaves me with beautiful, natural looking and dewy skin. PERFECT However it is slightly oily which isn’t always the best thing for excessively oily skin types and it takes a little while longer than most foundations to dry. The coverage is slightly on the sheerer side of medium but it evens out my skintone nicely. The only issue I have with it, is that there isn’t a varying range of shades. I also rather like the packaging, it has a pump applicator and you can see how much product you have used! 

Bourjois – ’10 Hour sleep effect’ Foundation
Shade: 53
“Fresh, rested complexion”

– You have probably heard me mention before that I bought this product purely by accident believing that I picked up the ‘Healthy Mix’. Never the less I rather like it. It is most certainly an ‘everyday’ foundation as the coverage is light, I don’t mind this for everyday but I do like to have something with a  little more coverage as I have a very red face with lots of imperfections to hide.
This is not a matte foundation, instead you are presented with a dewy finish.
I have to say, aside from the product formulation I LOVE the bottle with the pump that rises everytime you use the product – you cannot waste a drop with this method and you can always see how much you have left.
It smoothes nicely onto the skin using both a stippling brush and an original foundation brush.
I would say it is of average longetivity

Revlon ‘Colorstay’ Foundation 
Shade: 320 True Beige

– I remember the hype about this foundation in the old days of beauty ‘guru’s on YouTube and blogger. During that time I never bothered with it. And on my first application of it I wish I hadn’t. It was all hyped up to be a perfect ‘Studio Fix Fluid’ dupe – it certainly smells like it. I think it’s great how Revlon cater the line to the different skin types. I have the ‘combination/oily’ version of the colourstay. At first I applied it with my flat foundation brush but it caused this foundation to be cakey and streaky and just wasn’t working. AT ALL. I then tried it on my MAC 130 stippling brush and the effect was much better although the coverage is a little sticky it gives a nice matte finish which again I wasn’t used to but really liked. Sometimes it does look a little artificial for a ‘natural day time look’ but it’s perfect for a night out I forgot to apply a primer on one occasion and it stayed put ALL night. Having used this foundation for a while now I have learned to love it and I do like to wear it despite the shades being a little orange toned.

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Love, Holl


  • I've never used any of those foundations. I did recently get the other Bourjois foundation 123 perfect foundation, and I can say this one is fabulous it has colour correction within it, so you need less concealing.. Did you know Bourjois own Chanel? So you can see why their foundations are getting alot of credit.. Their blushers are also very similar to the Chanel's.. but not the price! Not sure about the quote you chose Holli, as Karl, slated our Adele for being fat.. So I really am not a fan of his.x

  • I'm glad you bought, and love, the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I'm still loving my first bottle although after reading this I think I want to try the Bourjois Healthy Mix as it's the only one out of these five that I've not tried (Well except the W7 one but it never got raving reviews 😉 )

  • Hi, I'm currently using the rimmel wake me up foundation in the same shade as you and I've been meaning to get the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder. I live in Singapore so we don't get any Rimmel products here, and I was wondering if you knew what shade I should get for the pressed powder as I want to get it online. Thank you 🙂

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