3 New Budget Beauty Discoveries

If there’s one thing I love talking about, it’s beauty. 10 years ago, Good Golly Miss Hollie started out primarily as a beauty blog, and whilst I’ve branched off to cover other topics close to my heart such as mental health and work amongst other things, beauty is still one of my greatest passions to write about. Today I have a new beauty blog post for you where I will be sharing some of the new discoveries I’ve made recently across the more budget end of the price spectrum.

Newest Budget Beauty Discoveries

Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow Shaper Tool* – £3.00 for a pack of 3

In their most natural form, my eyebrows look like dark, thick, poker straight caterpillars. Only a few years ago, my eyebrows resembled skinny sperms – They were far too thin and did not look good. These days, I’d say that my eyebrows are somewhere in the middle. Much fuller, but less unshapely than how they’d grow naturally without intervention.

In recent times, I have taken to tweezing and dyeing my brows at home. I was spending far too much money on 3-weekly brow appointments and I wanted to save some £££.

To tame my brows, I use a standard pair of tweezers from Tweezerman and the Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow Razor Shaper*. Its name ‘Eyebrow razor’ sounds a bit extreme, I know, however, it is a really handy and useful little tool that can also be used anywhere on the face.

Safe and gentle for use on the face to capture those fine hairs and peach fuzz, these little razors are brilliant for using underneath your eyebrows – especially if you have hooded eyes like me and the skin tends to be a bit ‘flabbier’. All thanks to micro guards and a precision blade, the exfoliating process of using the little razors is similar to at home dermaplaining a process which I have also had done and really benefitted from.

Max & More Lipsticks – Available at Poundland & Home Bargains £1-£2

Like most people, I love a nosey at the beauty products stocked in the likes of Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains. I have recently been trying some new beauty bits from a brand named Max & More.

I bought a duo pack of lipsticks for £2 and they are really great! I have the hot pink shade ‘Raspberry’ and ‘Matte Rose’ which are both so insanely pigmented, creamy and long-wearing – They also smell of vanilla cupcakes, yum! Next time you find yourself in one of those kinds of shops and you see Max & More give their products a try, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Matte Rose & Raspberry

Ps… No Angel Highlighter – £3.50 at Primark

I really believe that highlighter is one of those products that you need not spend a hunk of change on. (See also mascara) of course, a lower price point can make you susceptible to buying a really chalky formulation.

When it comes to Ps beauty from Primark, I am really impressed with their cruelty-free offering. The No Angel highlighter is a gorgeous rose gold shade which is packed with pigment but not in a glitter-bomb way. I wear it most days and it fades down nicely without leaving your face looking overly sparkly or ashy. The range also comes with other shades such as a pink and more white toned highlighter so you’ll be sure to find a shade that suits your skin tone.

So next time you’re in Home Bargains, B&M or Primark and you fancy giving some budget beauty products a go, these are my recommendations.

* Post features products gifted from Wilkinson Sword

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