Quick & Easy Everyday Eye Makeup To Suit Everyone

Today we are talking eye makeup. Specifically quick, easy and fuss-free eye makeup. This is eye makeup that looks as though you’ve made an effort when actually you slicked it on in 5 minutes flat. 

Personally, I’ll always spend more time on my eye makeup than anywhere else on my face. See, I have quite small, beady hooded eyes and so I need to do all I can to make them pop.

I also quite enjoy the relaxing process of layering the products, it allows me to slow down and concentrate on one thing, instead of the million other things whirring and whizzing around in my brain.

On the occasions whereby I am going out, out, or I have more time to spend creating a more creative eye makeup look, I will do something jazzier like this glitter party eye makeup, however, on a regular workday, what you are about to see below is what I’m going for…It’s quick, easy and lasts all day – It even looks good with glasses.

Quick & Easy Everyday Eye Makeup To Suit Everyone

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Single Eyeshadow Creamy Matte Eyeshadow Base | £5.99

After prepping my base and curling my lashes, I go in with a creamy colour on my eyes to work as the ‘glue’ to grab onto the eyeshadow. As my eyes are hooded, I have a significant problem with creasing *sob*. If I apply my makeup at 7:30 am, by 07:31 am my eyes are all smudged up to my eyebrows.

I find a few layers help to stop this from happening. I reviewed the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Single Shadow Bases when they first came out and I still think they’re a good addition to any makeup bag.

Mac Single Eyeshadow In ‘Honey Lust’ | £15.00

This was a recommendation from a work colleague as I often complimented her on her shimmery, peachy, gold eyeshadow. Sadly, Honey Lust has been discontinued/is only available now in refill pots, however, All That Glitters (remember that old classic!) is still available and is very, very similar in tone.

They are both warm-toned, coppery/gold shadows with shimmer – Simply gorgeous on all eye colours. Neutral with a twist is the perfect way to describe this colour and I’m certain you’ll be able to dupe it with a shadow from one of the drugstore brands as part of a palette.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner | £5.29

Like many women, I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to liquid liner. I do like to wear it as it helps open my eyes up, giving the illusion that they are bigger and rounder. The Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner is pretty foolproof when it comes to drawing a smooth line on your upper lash line. The brush is ultra-fine, so you can barely go wrong.

I like to apply my liquid liner with my eyes open as I find it easier to make the line perfected. It’s important to ensure that any liquid liner you use has a dark, black pigment – No wishy-washy grey-toned liner to be seen here! The Glam Eyes liquid liner is pretty carbon black which is good and of course, won’t break the bank at just over a fiver. Mine has lasted ages.

Rodial Smokey Eye Gel Eyeliner Pen | £17.00

This eyeliner has to be, hands down my favourite gel eyeliner of all time. Honestly, It rivals that amazing Avon gel pencil that the beauty community were raving about back in 2011. The Rodial’s smooth, inky black gel looks amazingly crisp in the waterline and tight-line and is my go-to pencil, without competition. 

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara | £10.99

Small eyes require a thin, nimble mascara brush to really get into the roots of the lashes, without smudging mascara all over your face. The L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara is probably one of the thinnest drugstore mascara brushes around and definitely aids lash length.

It’s not amazing at providing volume/thickness and I often go in with another mascara with one of those ‘toilet-brush’ style applicators to help beef out my lashes, but it’s not bad at all. I like that it’s not overly liquidy and applies consistently on the lashes.

And there we have it! My everyday, quick and easy eye makeup.

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