Working From Home Pick-Me-Ups

(AD-Gifted) Post contains gifted items from Daisy London & Naturopathica

The pros and cons of working from home have become such a hot topic at the moment. It’s looking like working from home, for those that it’s feasible for, is the new normal and certainly will be for the remainder of 2020.

I’ve previously written a few blog posts on the subject, including a post on my home working space and how I made it a place to be more productive and inspiring. I’ve also discussed the kinds of clothes I wear to look somewhat put together and comfortable when working from home.

Here, I’m sharing a few other working from home pick-me-ups including my go-to makeup look for a typical day. It’s quick throw-on-and-go makeup to help look a little more human, as well as talking about a few other bits that have helped me feel better during this time.

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Quick & Easy Working From Home Makeup

For the time that I’ve been working from home, I’ve gravitated towards a more skincare focused routine to help keep my skin looking healthy and bright. I also have a new, basic makeup routine to help pep my face up a bit and avoid looking so bedraggled every day. I can put it on in under 5 minutes and feel ready to face 10 Zoom calls.

  • Simple Radiance Booster SPF 30 – Perfect for creating a glowy base to begin working with. UVA//B & blue light & pollution protection – all still important despite being mostly indoors.
  • Benefit SuperCat Liner – To give my eyes a little more of a wide-awake look. To be honest, this is a step I can skip if I can’t be bothered.

And not forgetting a bold, bright lipstick – Usually a pink. Here are 4 of my favourite hot pink lipsticks to try.

Other working from home pick-me-ups

Sometimes it’s the little things. I usually adorn my hands, neck and arms with all sorts of jewellery, you can always hear me coming because I jingle-jangle, but since I’ve been at home, I’ve pared it all back a little bit, opting to wear just a pair of hoop earrings and a necklace day to day.

My current favourite necklace, which you may have spotted if you follow me on Instagram is this gorgeous dainty little daisy. This is the stunning English Daisy Necklace* from Daisy London.

I love the understated beauty of this little pendant, not to mention the way it pays homage to my favourite English flowers. I absolutely love flowers and being in my garden, and this feels like the perfect nod towards that. Each piece comes thoughtfully wrapped in a gorgeous box, with dustbag, lookbook and a postcard – It’s the pink postcard you’ll see in some of these pictures.

If you’re a jewellery magpie like me or looking to buy a special gift, I definitely recommend having a look at Daisy London. If you’re on the hunt for a new piece of stylish jewellery whether it be a bracelet, a ring, a necklace or earrings you’ll be sure to find something from Daisy. Check out their Instagram too for styling inspo and their latest collections.

As well as trying to drink more water and less caffeine, I, like many people during the Coronavirus epidemic are trying to boost my immunity by eating smart, staying hydrated and trying to stay on top of my health. I have been taking vitamins to help support my immune system all things considered with COVID-19.

I have been trying out the Naturopathica CBD Plus capsules*. I’ll be honest I was scared at first as the letters CBD made me feel like I was doing something I shouldn’t be. HA. But these capsules contain a safe, concentrated 5mg dose of full-spectrum CBD plus Vitamins A, B1, C D2, B12 & E, which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

The undetectable levels of THC don’t mean I’m walking around high lol and CBD is known to be helpful for people like myself that suffer with anxiety. It’s not the best time to test that with everything that’s going on in the world, but I do feel better for trying other methods to help my mental health.

Naturopathica make a great range of CBD capsules (Also available at Holland & Barrett) including some for supporting mental awareness and anxiety, sleep and digestion.

Overall, I’m feeling okay, like everyone else I’m just trying to make the best of things, working hard, staying on top of my health and trying to be positive.

What are some of your working from home pick-me-ups?

*English Daisy Necklace kindly gifted by Daisy London

*CBD + Wellbeing capsules kindly gifted by Naturopathica

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