W7 Makeup Haul, Swatch + Review // Delicious Palette + Other Dupes

When it comes to creating affordable budget makeup and dupes of premium makeup products, w7 cosmetics have it down. w7 are famed for creating ‘in the style of’ products based on bestsellers from the likes of MAC, Ben Nye, Benefit, Anastacia Beverley Hills, Urban Decay and many more. Now, i’m not under any illusions, I know that there is a fine line between inspired dupes and complete rip offs however, w7 have made the makeup of now’ accessible to everyone. And whilst these days I am lucky enough to be in a position whereby I can afford to buy high-end makeup and beauty, I still absolutely love drugstore and budget makeup. 

So why a sudden penchant for w7 makeup? Well, I was inspired to give a selection of w7 products a whirl after another late night binge of ‘makeup declutter’ videos of which I am wholly obsessed with currently. By the time I got to video 109, it was apparent that the w7 cosmetics brand popped up time and time again as the brand to go to if you were looking for affordable high-end dupes.

w7 ‘Delicious Palette’ – Anastasia Beverley Hills ‘Modern Renaissance Palette’ Dupe 
Like the look of the Anastasia Beverley Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette but can’t justify the price tag? w7 offer a dupe that is so unapologetically a dupe. For an as-near-as-dammit palette, I recommend trying the w7 Delicious palette. I must however start by caveating the fact that I’ve only ever swatched the iconic Anastasia Beverley Hills ‘Modern Renaissance Palette’ therefore it wouldn’t be fair to write a full comparison on how they pit against each other, though I do have it on good authority that the w7 ‘Delicious’ palette is a pretty good MR dupe. 
The Delicious palette is made from snap-shut cardboard packaging and comes with a double ended brush which is perfect for pressing and blending colour on the lids thanks to a duo comprising of one dense, flat brush and one fluffy brush. And whilst the shade range and pan formation of these two palettes are very, very similar, one thing that certainly sets these two palettes apart is the cost. The Delicious palette retails at £9.95 making it an ideal budget beauty option if you don’t want to shell out the eye-watering £43 for the MR palette.

I’ve been road testing the Delicious palette for around 3/4 weeks now and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with how pigmented these colours are. My favourite shades are by far and away the two orange tones which in the MR palette are named: ‘Red Ocre‘ and ‘Realgar.’ I also recommend not shying away from the deep red toned shades which are super easy to work with and again, pigmented so beautifully. If neutrals are however more your bag, the neutral shades including taupe browns, creams and biscuit tones are really wearable.

So what about formulation? Well, despite having talc as a lead ingredient as most budget cosmetics do, I didn’t find these shadows to be at all overly powdery, unlike the MR palette of which unnecessary fall out is notorious. So even if you have zero interest in dupe hunting, if you’re looking for an affordable warm toned palette with plenty of workable berry and neutral shades, this palette is definitely one to try.
w7 ‘Hollywood Bronze + Glow’ Palette – Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze + Glow’ Dupe
I really wanted to try the w7 Hollywood Bronze + Glow palette out of sheet interest on how it fared against its originator and inspiration, the famed Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze + Glow duo. It’s with a heavy heart that I confess that I did once own this high-end contour and highlighter duo, however, it sadly met a brutal end on holiday in Portugal when the compact fell to the ground and shattered to smithereens all over a hard, marble floor. Weep. Instead of repurchasing and parting with yet another £49, I was curious to see how this £5.95 dupe worked out in comparison and of course on its own merit. w7 certainly haven’t tried to be subtle with their take on this premium product, hello 1920s-esc fan effect powder press and obnoxiously similar product name. 
Though, in terms of how the w7 dupe stands up, it’s pretty good. I’d say that the Charlotte Tilbury formulation is slightly more on the peachy side, but other than that, the w7 contour powder is a decent match, it applies smoothly and provides an even contour/cheek bronze. If you’re interested in this duo, it’s worth noting that I found the w7 highlighter a little chalky, it is also quite subtle and takes some working with a brush or fingers to see a noticeable result on the cheek.
w7 ‘Strobe Struck’ – Cream Highlighter
If you’re looking for a subtle, dewy highlight with a natural finish, then the w7 Strobe Struck Cream highlighter is a brilliant option for only £5.95. It’s very similar in tone to the Jouer Cosmetics Crem Highlighter in the shade ‘ Champagne’ . I like to pat the cream formula onto the top of my cheekbones and above the cupid bow for a nice, easy going glow, nothing OTT, nothing major.

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