Two of my favourite MAC lipstick dupes from Revlon

I’m here with another lipstick loaded post for those who want to read about something a little more frivolous during these weird times. I previously talked about 4 of my favourite hot pink lipsticks and formulations to try and today I’m talking lipstick DUPES – Two of my favourite MAC Cosmetics dupes, to be specific.

There is a fine line between products that are inspired by another product and outright knock-offs – Especially when it comes to branding and packaging. More often than not though when you use products that have been intentionally duped (and are on the cheaper end of the price spectrum) there is usually a clear distinction in the quality of the formulations.

MAC dupes available from the drugstore

The perfect colours for Spring & Summer
(P.s ignore the scratches, I have a naughty kitten!)

Here, I’m going to be sharing two dupes which are similar in colour only. If like me, you don’t always want to spend £££ on a lipstick, but still, really admire a particular colour and wish to wear it, I love finding a similar, or almost exact dupe shade at the drugstore. Not exactly hard to do when so many cosmetics brands are owned by the same parent company!

So if you’re interested in duping two MAC Amplified lipsticks, renowned for their bold colour payoff and ultra-creamy formulation, then keep on reading!

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