NYX ‘Sweet Cheeks’ Blush + Highlighter Palette Review + Swatches

I was pretty late to the game with blush, when I first started dabbling with makeup age 12/13, it was all about the eyes and maybe a touch of bronzer. It’s only in recent years that i’ve started to experiment more with blush and thanks to Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘swish and pop’ technique, actually understand how to use it. Lol.

I could buy Bourjois Little Pot Rouges all day long, just for the aesthetic of them, however, I find the formula a little disappointing and after a while, the colour payoff isn’t as great as when you first start using it. It is because of this, that I wanted to experiment with more shades of blush and I figured a palette would be the best way to do that without wasting too much money.

Step forwards theΒ NYX ‘Sweet Cheeks’ paletteΒ – Ah, just looking at this satisfying array of colours delights me. At around the Β£17 mark, it isn’t the cheapest palette around, but in my eyes, it’s well worth the dollar because not only is the formulation on point, but the shade range is diverse also. Whats more, some of the blush shades can be doubled up as highlighters. The palette contains 8 blushes with the top 3 shades being shimmery and the other 6 being matte.

The only shades that don’t work for my skin tone are the two Barbie bubblegum pink shades, I’m too pale for those and they do look a little chalky on my face. My favourite shades are the ones that are more orange in tone. If you aren’t afraid to experiment with colour, this blush palette is definitely one to try.

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