Last Wednesday I was shown the footage of a film that was made at an event I worked on.
 I can remember thinking, who is that girl with the horrendous roots and stark, block coloured hair?
This of course was me, but I didn’t want to admit to having such trashy hair.
That evening I was flicking through Stylist magazine on the tube and came across the
L’Oreal – Recital Preference – Glam Highlights advert featuring Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively.
I loved the shade of her blonde hair so much that I decided to try and recreate it.
To begin, my stark, white blonde hair needed toning a few shades of darker blonde.
I used the L’Oreal – Recital Preference hair colour in the shade: 7.3 Florida – Honey Blonde.
This left my hair in a block shade of dark, golden blonde – verging on the light, caramel brown colour tone.
I then went in with the glam highlights.
I bought No.2 for dark blonde to light blonde hair, this is the shade that was developed for Blake Lively herself.
(The glam highlights kits do also come in dark brown and light blonde variations.)
The kit itself is pretty self explanatory, you simply mix the bleach solution and then apply a generous amount of product to this rivets in the specially designed highlighting brush.
I didn’t find this brush overly effective as the teeth pulled on my hair but I have to say it is a great way to apply highlights to your own head with precision.
I highlighted random sections of my hair concentrating on the ends and face framing strands and left the mixture on for 10 minutes to develop.
This was more than enough for me as the bleach started to lighten my hair immediately.

(Picture taken from my #shaveorstyle day at Michael John – I coloured my hair myself, at home this picture just depicts the colour blend best)
As you can see from the photo’s the colour is a lovely warm, golden blonde which I think looks a whole load better than the bright white shade that I had going on.
I really recommend the Glam highlights kits as they are so easy to use and very effective at allowing you to add dimension to block coloured hair.
Have you tried the Glam highlights kits?


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