How to turn brunette hair auburn // Superdrug Colour Episode Review

How to turn brunette hair auburn // Superdrug Colour Episode Review
Since devoting myself to brunette hair I have needed to scratch my hair colour itch. Of course, if you’re a long time reader of GGMH you’ll have witnessed my hair colour progression over the past five years, red to blonde to brunette and everything including pink in-between.
I have recently found a way to play with fun, semi-permanent tones to liven up my brunette locks. Most recently I have been lusting after auburn tones, playing with fiery reds and burnt oranges.
To achieve an auburn/brunette shade I used the Superdrug colour episode in 5.4 ‘Natural rich chestnut’ – on the packet the colour is a deep brown shade but when applied to dry hair and left for two hours the auburn is achieved. Lasting 5-8 washes depending on the condition of your hair these colour pops are a lovely way to add lustre into your hair. 
The foaming product comes in a pre-mixed canister and a packet of conditioner, all for the reasonable price of ยฃ2.99. I have short hair and achieved three applications from the formula. 
There is an entire range of different tones that can be applied to blonde, red and brunette hair and when paired with the Superdrug colour Effects wash in wash out toner the colour pay off is vibrant and sexy. 

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