As you can see my wardrobe is a pretty busy place and here I am only showing you one of the many places that I stash my threads. Sometimes my wardrobe is super organised, colour co-ordinated and divided into a certain ‘type’ of clothing however, most of the time it looks like this, organised chaos – but that’s cool because I know where everything is. *rummages*
As much as I love clothes, I really don’t love putting clothes away or keeping them in check and I never have done, my Mum will tell you. Having taken a peek into my let’s say ‘busy’ wardrobe I was inspired to show you a few of the pieces in more detail through the closet confidential TAG.

What is the o l d e s t item in your wardrobe?

I was 12 or 13 when I bought (with my £5 monthly pocket money) these leopard print beauties from a shop named ‘Dolci’s’ making them around 11 years old. To this day they remain my all time favourite pair of boots. I am actually quite surprised my Mum let me have them as they are quite out there for a tween. Although the heels and the soles are knackered and they are looked ridiculously battered, I still wear them to this day because they are so darn sassy. 

What is the  n e w e s t  item in your wardrobe? 

I headed into Primark a few days ago as I always seem to find the best stuff in there when the trans AW16 season comes around. I loved this layered crop top and cami combo which I bought for a bargainous £3 on the sale rail. With A Parisian chic / rock n’n roll vibe I love wearing it with ripped skinny jeans and a pair of Vans teamed with fishnet socks. 

What is the most  e x p e n s i v e  item in your wardrobe? 

I had been lusting after a Mulberry bag for years (specifically a Roxanne having seen one featured on Fleur De Force’s channel years ago) as a third year student about to head to London to intern as an assistant producer, I wanted to look the part but there was NO WAY on earth I could afford a brand new Mulb, it’s also worth noting that i’d never find a brand new Roxanne as they were discontinued years ago. 

I found a reputable seller on Ebay selling an authentic Roxanne for a less painful price than a new bag (It was still darn pricey mind!) and snapped it up immediately. I’d like to say I have used it loads but truth be told it isn’t all that practical due to clunky straps and being super weighty when empty, that being said I bloody love it though and i’d never part with it.

What is the  c h e a p e s t  item in your wardrobe that you use a lot?

A simple pair of black skinny jeans from Primark, an absolute must have that make up any outfit whether it’s for the office or a night out. These super stretch skinny jeans are around £5 and I have 7 pairs for the 7 days of the week. 

What is the biggest  b a r g a i n  in your wardrobe? 

I found these stomping boots in the Canary Wharf Topshop for a banging price of £9 having been reduced from £85. They initially shredded my feet to pieces whilst traipsing around LDN and the sole is still stained in blood (nice) but they are now one of the comfiest pairs of boots that I own even those they are looking a little worse for wear these days with temperamental zips and scuffed buckles.

What was the biggest  w a s t e  of money in your wardrobe? 

As much as this Roberto Cavalli bag probably wasn’t a financially savvy choice, I bought it to mark my first ever pay rise and I still absolutely love it but the cost per wear hasn’t been made back…yet. It’s pretty spacious and is certainly a statement but I haul around so much stuff that I need to find more time to use it, when I need a bit of stuff with me, but not a lot. 

What are your 3  f a v o u r i t e  items right now? 

It has to be this entire outfit as I have been rocking it quite a fair bit. My ripped, light wash jeans are from American Eagle and are great skinny fit. My shirt is vintage and then I just have a plain old pair of Vans. Simple, yet chic and very comfortable. 

What is the most  c o l o u r f u l  item in your wardrobe?

Pretty awesome huh? Though the amount of times i’ve been called ‘Joseph’ I could count on one hand but this is my winter coat and I love it! It’s from H+M and was an impulse purchase that is for sure. I wore it pretty much all season last year and I can’t wait to dig it out again in a few weeks. 

What is your  f a v o u r i t e  piece that you have received as a gift? 

I was gifted these when I was younger from my Nan who had them hand made in Capri, Italy. The eyes of the snakes are diamonds and I must say I feel pretty snazzy wearing them. They have no grips on the bottom and they are notoriously glittery but they are fabulous. I rock them in the summer with a maxi dress or with skinny jeans when I was the make my sandals the statement.

 What is the most  c o m f o r t a b l e  item in your wardrobe? 

Ah, my TDS bomber jacket I fought tooth and nail for this bad-boy as they sell out so bloody quickly! It’s so snug and ideal for autumn days when you need that extra bit of fluff to keep you warm but don’t need a full coat. It was the colours that made me fall in love with it, the gorgeous burnt orange and chocolate brown tortoiseshell. This is my jacket for snuggling in as it feels like a big warm hug.
I TAG you all to give the closet confidential Q’s a whirl

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