If you follow me on Pinterest/holliebradbury you will probably be well aware that a good 80% of my pins are related in some way to Anthropologie, I have a seriously love for the photographic content that they put out and I have always longed to visit one of their stores, which I might add are few and far between for us folk of the North West! (Another reason to move nearer home, the Leeds Anthropologie!)

I am a big advocate of the whimsical, arty, boho, hippy?-esc vibe of Anthro and feel like their homeware and clothing lines really suit who I am in terms of my personal taste. Anyway upon my visit to beautiful Bath my heart was quite literally racing as I walked into the store which lured so wilfully. It was a haven of everything (materialistic) that makes me glad.
Even Adam, who is a die-hard minimalist when it comes to personal taste loved the displays adorned with brightly coloured pots filled with candles, and delightfully printed tableware. It made me happy that he appreciated it too.
I knew my visit would be spendy and having pooled together some extra pennies to actually buy something, I still found myself reaching for my credit card, oops. I ended up buying one of the iconic, ‘Celestial’ shattered coasters in my new favourite colour, bottle green as I liked the way the light caught the different shades. 
Also added to the basket was one of the infamous ‘pot candles’ which my word were hella difficult to choose between! Adam offered to go halves so I could actually afford one (lol) and so I choose the Capri Blue Henri Candle, thanks to it’s cute, floral/paisley print and delicious scent of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes, pineapple, verbene and coconut! It’s a soy candle too so no mess, totally clean burning and the charming pot will be super handy afterwards.
My hair is pretty short and shit atm and so I find anything that distracts myself from wanting to chop it all off ala-Emma Willis or bleach it platinum blonde is an absolute bonus.  I decided my main ‘treat’ of the trip as it were would be a headband, or dolly bow! Anthro do the nicest ones, that actually  fit my head properly and actually look really nice. I found the mustard, woven headband from Emin and Paul complimented most of my wardrobe and my red-ish hair! I’ll definitely be saving for more too, the Poppy dolly bow is gorgeous!

Have found a sale rail, I naturally wanted to see if there was anything on it that I could actually afford, of course it was still all crazily priced but I did find the Callas Faux Fur Cardigan which I knew after much deliberating between that and another style, needed to join my wardrobe. I sized up to a L and love wrapping myself in the pure softness of this shrug. It works with dresses, vest and skinny jean combos and I have not stopped wearing it since I bought it.

Do you like Anthropologie?

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