Whats Good From ‘Lacura Beauty’ At Aldi

I remember sometime back in the 90s sat in a trolley drinking a ‘Panda Pop’ whilst my Mum pushed me around Aldi. After my parents stopped shopping there, I didn’t hear much about the budget, German supermarket chain until I moved to uni and it became my student shop mecca.
I’m not going to be reviewing the Aldi ‘like brands’ crisps, cereal or baked beans today – instead I am going to introduce you to Aldi’s new cosmetics line ‘Lacura Beauty*
I have to admit when I first heard that Aldi would be producing a cosmetics range I was sceptical and had images of bargain bin, chalky eye shadows, scratchy mascara or tangerine foundation however, I was very pleasantly surprised after trying a a few pieces from the line.
The ‘CC’ Cream: The colour correcting formula for light skin tones was the product that I was most sceptical about trying as I envisioned a watery consistency and way too much colour pigment. I couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead Aldi are offering a medium density cream formula with just enough pigment to blend into my paler skin and amazing medium to build-able coverage. I have been wearing this CC cream as a foundation as the colour blend, coverage and longevity is just that good. It contains an SPF 15, conceals blemishes with Vitamin B5 and B3 and creates a flawless base for make-up.
The Brow pencil: The formula of this pencil is the perfect hard to soft ratio to achieve a strong, define and soft brow. The pencil isn’t too scratchy or too clumpy, instead it glides through to brow and can be used softer to achieve small strokes. The pencil comes with a sharpener which is always a bonus as I am forever minimising my brow pencils to a stump and the ‘Brunette’ shade is a nice dark brown that isn’t too warm or red in tone. The pencil barrel also includes a brush to keep your brows at bay before starting your routine.
Left ‘Wondercurl’ + Right ‘Glamour Volume
If I were to choose one make-up item from my beauty bag to deem my ‘favourite’ – it would always be mascara. These two offerings from the Aldi cosmetics line don’t disappoint. The ‘Wondercurl’ mascara is my favourite as the curved wand helps to dig the formula deep into the lash roots to achieve lengthy lashes with plenty of curl and separation. The ‘Glamour volume’ wand also achieves clump free, legnthy lashes but isn’t as effective at applying the product into the depths of the lashes when used alone. These two mascara’s work best when used together, beginning with the ‘Wondercurl’ and ending with a coat of the ‘Glamour Volume.’
The Eyeliner: This eyeliner is awesome! The creamy formula achieves a super pigmented, controlled line that can be blended using the handy little sponge that comes on the end of the barrel. Inside the tightline and waterline the formula sits irritant free and comfortable. I really like how easy the formula is to work with, using the pencil sharpened to a point to achieve definition and blended out for a smokey look. 
Overall, I am super impressed with the ‘Lacura Beauty’ for Aldi cosmetics range and I am very interested in trying more products to see how they fit within the quality of the line that I have experience so far. If you’re interested in some excellent bargainous beauty the line is available at Aldi on April 19th.

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