There’s many things that my Mum instilled into my mind (obvs) but one that has certainly stuck is the importance of using heat protectant on my hair prior to styling with the hairdryer, curling wand or straighteners. 
To me, there’s nothing worse than the smell of burnt hair, back in the day when GHD’s became bae circa 2006 i’d walk into my friends bedroom and be engulfed by the scent of frazzled hair. I try to avoid that where possible and always reach for a heat protectant.
I haven’t spent a lot of money on my hair care recently, as you know i’m terribly fickle with my hair but I do have to say that my head has been permanent dye free for five months now and I only ever colour my tresses at the salon, using a semi permanent ‘glossing’ technique. To help care for my hair prior to using heat, I use the Argan Oil ‘leave in spray’ which has been specially formulated using oil from the fruit of the Argan tree. The weightless, non sticky formula is a joy to apply to damp hair as it doesn’t leave a residue and it smelly fantastic. 
Once I have dried off my hair a little, I use the ‘Oil Hair Treatment’ from the same range. The oil is formulated with the same ingredients as the heat defence spray but also contains Vitamin E to revive dry and damaged hair. I apply a few pumps of the oil into the palms of my hands and run through the lengths of my hair. Sometimes i’ll pop a fair amount in and leave it as an enriching treatment before washing my hair. Most of the time I will dry my hair through with the oil in the ends. 
What I like about these products is their nourishment and also their affordability they retail at under a fiver and can be found in most home discount stores such as Home Bargains and B+M. 

Have you ever tried the Argan Oil range?

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