I had a little spring-clean last weekend and I found myself broadly overwhelmed by just how many pairs of shoes I have hidden in the backs of wardrobes. Never before have I considered myself the kind of shoe-gal that Carrie would be proud of, I was always die hard handbags….so what changed?

Having started a charity collection going, I had a clear out which naturally made way for yet more pairs of shoes to join the parddy, because hey, the seasons have crossed over a little and it’s time to put aside the usual suspects, ankle boots et al and slip into a pair of sandals or pumps.

This blog post contains pictures of feet (sorry) and i’m so cack-handed with nail polish, so that ain’t great either…

I said I wouldn’t jump on the loafer hype…but I did. Having found myself in Primark back in Wakefield, I made my way over to the discount section and found these lurid, hot pink loafers for a fiver. Sold.

I remember when this style of shoe, with the gold bar detailing was considered 110% not cool, so I am laughing a little inside that I now so openly walk around in such a style that all thanks to Gucci is now a thing.I had to break these faux leather heel killers in, but now that I have, they are comfy and well, yeah super…slipper-esc.

I’ve chucked out / donated to charity a good 70% of my ‘high heels’ collection over the last year. I don’t find myself ‘up town’ anymore and if I do on the odd occasion find myself out on the tiles, i’d rather be wearing something comfy. I really wish my Vivienne Westwood X Melissa Heels were comfortable, but they certainly are not, so I wanted to find a new ‘middle of the ground’ pair of heels for going dancing, date night or a trip to somewhere sassy.

I found these granny-esc slingback wedges in New Look and they reminded me of some COS shoes i’d seen on Lily Pebbles ages ago. They boost me up from a petite 5 ft3 to walkin’ tall at five ft 4 and they’re comfy as well as extremely well suited to pretty much every outfit I put together.

These sandals are just the sex. Floral embroidery is everywhere and of-course it has found itself in my wardrobe, er, shoedrobe through this pair of strappy sandals.

I had seen a similar pair to these in Topshop but I couldn’t justify the price-tag which tipped around ยฃ40. When I spotted a very similar pair in Primark for a mere ยฃ8 they were in my basket faster than you can say outlandish shoes. They took some getting to used to walking in them, with the way they slopped off my feet and I got regular toe cramp from trying to hold them on. I’ll be wearing these with midi-skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans…basically everything because they look gorgeous and are uber comfy.

What are you keeping your feet sweet in this SS17?

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