Does anyone *really* know their skin type?

Oh hi! It’s been a while right? I took a little time off from blogging, as my work has this month taken a dramatically busy turn in preparation for Black Friday – it’s a pretty stressful time in the world of digital marketing i’ll tell you!  I found that my days were getting longer in the office and the only time I actually spent at home, I was either in bed sleeping, or bingeing the new episodes of Making a Murderer. Now that I’m back, I don’t suppose you noticed the new decor? It’s been three years since my last refresh and it was definitely time for a change – I hope you like it. One pretty snazzy feature that I love, is the shoppable section, where you’ll be able to find all of my beauty favourites and essentials, it includes everything from my holy grail Badedas bubble bath, to that russet Burts Bee’s lip crayon.

Anyway, today I’m talking skincare, more specifically natural, cruelty-free skincare. When a beautifully packaged trio of A’kin products* landed on my desk last month, I was intrigued and excited to try something new, though it did get me thinking…

What is my skin type? 
And does anyone actually know their skin type?

I’ve read so much material online and watched so many Youtube videos on figuring out my skin type, though I’m no closer to truly finding a concrete conclusion, my confusion is why I’m particularly interested in natural skincare products so that I’m sure that what I’m putting on my face is not doing me any harm.

 A’kin Skincare – Is it natural and cruelty-free? 

A’kin skincare was founded in Australia 15 years ago. The brand prides themselves on creating natural and safe products for both men and women – after all, gender does not differentiate skin type, something that really bugs me with marketing within the beauty industry. A’kin products cover haircare, skincare and body care and are all paraben, sulphate, harsh chemical and toxin free, so you know you are applying something gentle and natural to your body. What’s more, A’kin pride themselves on being certified vegan and animal testing free. This is something that is becoming more and more important to me as I try to become more conscious of the brands I am spending my money on.

 My experience with A’kin Skincare

I’ve been solely using A’kin products now for over a month now, I wanted to really give them a good go to see how they fared on my skin. The products I’ve been trialling are from the Moisture Rich Miracle Facial Trio Gift Set which makes for the perfect introduction to the brand. For £36.00 you are treated to the Nourishing Cream Cleanser + Toner, (£19.00 sold individually) The Rose Mist Toner (£12.50 sold individually) and the Rosehip Oil Facial Moisturiser (£20.00 sold individually).  If you were to buy the products separately, you’d be spending £51.50, so this set is a good deal in my opinion. It’s limited edition though, so grab it now if you want it!

What did I think of the products?

1. The Nourishing Cream Cleanser + Toner 
This cleanser really reminds me of the Trilogy Cream Cleanser, not only in the formula but also in the way it settles into the skin when massaged in with warm water. Enriched with rose, geranium, shea butter and avocado oil, it really feels like a treat for the skin when applied. Also included in the ingredient roster is Witch Hazel which is not only super refreshing and zingy for the skin, but also helps to clear up any sneaky blemishes. I use this with the A’kin muslin cloth or flannel and it is fantastic at removing stubborn eye makeup if like me you go heavy on the eyeliner.

2. The Rose Mist Toner
The scent of rose has to be one of my favourite aromas, that, along with Parma Violets. This toner is a rejuvenating spritz to a tired face…Yep, this really has been a skin saviour for me over the last few weeks. The toner is infused with aromatic rose essence and aloe vera to hydrate the skin while cooling and refreshing your face. An instant ‘ahhh’ moment in a spray bottle.

3. The Rosehip Oil Facial Moisturiser
I found that our of the trio of products, this was my least favourite as I found it left my skin feeling tighter rather than nourished and plump. Infused with organic rosehip oil, this hydrating moisturiser also includes avocado oil, shea butter and organic aloe vera. It’s lightweight to apply and non-greasy. It also smells divine, so much so it even got Adams nose interested, and he barely notices anything!

Would I recommend A’kin skincare? 
Absolutely! The products I have tried from the brand have been an absolute treat and I am keen to buy more to try. The range is available to buy in the UK from Look Fantastic.

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* Post contains gifted products. This does not affect my opinion.

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