6 makeup + skincare products to try this month

4 makeup + skincare products to try this month
Saying hello to some new beauty items!

Quite often months will pass before anything new or exciting makes it into my everyday beauty routine. These days, I’m much more interested in using up what I’ve already got whilst trying to not overspend on beauty products. However, that being said, I have recently introduced some new makeup and beauty products into my life which I love.
So today I thought I’d share with you the newest additions to my routine which I’ve bought either online directly, found in TK Maxx, or conveniently spotted in Home Bargains! What’s more, all of these products are well worth your cash, and most are cruelty free, so if you’re in the market for some new beauty bits – here are 6 to try.
4 makeup + skincare products to try this month
Max + More blush
Max + More Blush in Rosewood – £5.99
If you’re a regular down at  Poundland or Home Bargains like I am, you will have probably spotted the Max + More makeup section. For under a tenner you can choose from a whole host of makeup products that are attractively packaged and more importantly, actually work.
I recently bought the Max + More mineral blush in the shade ‘851 Rosewood‘ which is a gorgeous coral, orange toned blush. I usually go for more reddy/pink toned blushes, however Rosewood looks really dewy and healthy on my pale skin. Sure, the shade looks kind of demanding in the pot, however, it actually wears really wonderfully on the skin.
6 makeup + skincare products to try this month
The Ordinary skincare
Buffet Peptide Serum – £12.70 | Cruelty Free
Each and every time that I try a new skincare product from The Ordinary I am increasingly glad that we can now get our hands on seriously affordable, yet quality, complex skincare. I have previously talked about the skincare I’ve already tried from The Ordinary and this month I welcomed two new products to my roster of skincare from the Deceim brand.
I recently ordered the ‘5 piece essentials‘ skincare set which contains all the acids, serums and oils that you need to tone and hydrate your skin. Two stand out products from the collection include ‘Buffet‘ – a lightweight peptide serum developed to target multi signs of ageing at once. Buffet is the first step in my 5 piece essentials set and honestly whether used alone or with the complementary products it feels like a real treat on my skin.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil – £9.00  | Cruelty Free
Another product introduced to me via the 5 piece essentials set is the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. The formulation is intended to reduce the signs of photo-ageing through Rosehip Seed Oil which is rich in linoleic acid, and pro-vitamin A. The oil is light and ultra absorbent, on my skin at least – It does not leave my skin feeling clogged or looking resemblant of an oil slick. If you want your skin to feel treated, I definitely recommend this oil from The Ordinary.
6 makeup + skincare products to try this month
Jade roller tool

Jade Roller and Gua Sha – £15.99
I’ve seen jade rollers doing the rounds on beauty blogs for a while now and I have always been intrigued by what exactly it is that they do. Sure, they look pretty and make for an excellent blogging ‘prop’ but do they actually work?
The simple answer is yes!
As someone whose skin shows everything from an hour spent crying my eyes out, to 5 minutes in the sun, the pale skin on my face quite often benefits from a cold flannel compress every once in a while.  The jade roller is a mess free, easy tool to use to achieve the same soothing results. I store my Jade roller in the fridge to keep it extra cold and it feels really cooling and pleasant, especially on puffy eyes and tired skin. I use mine first thing on a morning to avoid that ‘just woken up’ / ‘just been boxing’ look.
6 makeup + skincare products to try this month
By Terry cream eyeshadow

By Terry Stylo Blackstar – £25.00 | Cruelty-Free
The By Terry ‘Stylo Blackstar’ cream eyeshadows are one of those high-end beauty products that I would be unlikely to buy. For me, there are many drugstore dupe versions that work just as well including the HEMA Eyeshadow sticks which I talked about here. It was only when I spotted a load of By Terry products in my local TK Maxx that I got excited and went ahead and purchased. I think I paid around the £8 mark for this Stylo Blackstar in the shade ‘Marron Glace’ – a gorgeous champagne shade which is creamy and long-wearing.

Natural Collection lip liner
Natural Collection lip liner – £1.99 | Cruelty-Free 
Lip liner is certainly something that came to me after the trend had exploded… although looking back, I’m quite shocked at why it took me so long! I naturally have quite unremarkable lips, my bottom lip is certainly fuller than my top lip and they are mostly always adorned in red lipstick.
 I have very recently been dabbling with nude lipstick and liners, including Espresso by Natural Collection – a deep chilli orange/ brown shade. I’m wearing it in this picture if you’d like to see what it looks like on. The formulation is comfortable to wear and lasts a moderate amount of time without budging. Winner for under 2 quid!

6 makeup + skincare products to try this month

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