Alongside perfume, I think accessories are my ‘thing.’
When I was younger I would go a little OTT with ten chunky bracelets stacked upon my arm paired with two long necklaces.
Since I hitting my 20’s I seem to dress my clothes down to a more basic level and compliment the simple shades with few accessories.
I love how a simple ring or a pair of sunglasses can transform not only your outfit but also how you feel. 

I found my sunglasses in a little sea front shop in Brighton.
After trying hard to make the circular shaped frames work on my heart shaped face I gave up and resorted to a trusty cat eye/circular hybrid, which I think looks much more flattering on my face.
I like the combination of brown lenses, brass frame and black plastic.
A pair of retro specs. 
I will always be seen wearing two rings.
The first being a little gold ring that belonged to my Nana, I like that it isn’t conventionally circular – instead it wobbles around the finger.
The second also belonged to my Nana and is more of a cocktail ring. It doesn’t quite fit on my finger so I use the washer from the tap in my old flat to keep it on.
My third staple is my sideways cross by the independent designer ‘Azendi.’ Back in the premature days of blogging, the sideways cross was somewhat of a ‘thing’ made popular by Laura from Lollipop26 or as she is now know as: ‘Buy now, Blog Later.’
I like how dainty the little rose gold cross looks as it sits neatly on the decolletage.
All accessorising takes these days is four simple pieces.

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