A tour inside my London based apartment

A tour inside my London based apartment
A tour inside my London based apartment
Although I will be moving into my new, more permanent flat in a few days time, there will always be something special about my little London studio that I called home for 8 weeks.

I am now based back up north and will be heading back to Liverpool on Monday to finish off the final instalment of university. I am very excited to be moving into a new place and after all of the niggly implications of living with 5 other people, the space to myself will be heavenly. 
My London studio was in Southwark, I was unbelievably central and close to three main tube stops.
I really loved that place and although it was no larger than a postage stamp, it was mine and a place to chill out after work, entertain friends and customise.
Unless I become a millionaire, there is a slim chance that I will ever be able to live like that in London again. The norm is to pay a crazy amount of money per week, for a bedroom in a house, sharing with people you don’t know. As you know, that isn’t exactly my thing so I was very lucky to have been able to spend the summer in the comfort of my own pad which I might add was lovely and modern. The bathroom was decent too, with a large double shower and lots of storage.
In the pictures you can see how I kitted the place out, a lot of my inspiration comes from magazines, so I decked the cupboards and shelving out in cutouts, I also strung fairy lights and added candles to give the room some ambience. 
The great thing about that studio was the amount of storage, ideal for people like me with more things than one will ever need. 
The windows were huge and let in a lot of light which made the small space look larger and airy.
Amusingly, my window backed onto a hotel and on many occasions, I had to close my blinds due to the shenanigans going on in the hotel suites.
All in all, what a fabulous little space it was, but I intend to deck out the next one even better. Watch this space.


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