2 Natural beauty products from The Body Shop that you need to try

A few weeks ago I was invited to The Body Shop to discover their new ‘Pinita Colarda’ collection which epitomises the scent of summer. I was treated to a lovely relaxing hand massage and a facial which was a real Thursday night treat. I dare say that it also felt great to have a little taste of the ‘old blogging days back’ – a simple event with no egos and the focus solely on the products.
I have long since loved The Body Shop and of course their natural and non animal testing ethos but recently I really feel that the brand has stepped up their game in both image and product variety. I have my eye on the ‘Oils of life’ collection once the products in my current skincare routine have been used up.
I came away from the event haven’t purchased two slightly obscure products. Did I buy the brand new collection? No, I bought some soap and a tin of oil!

Wild Argan Oil – Miracle Solid Oil For Body & Hair
As you know, I have been seriously looking after my hair recently treating it to weekly masques, no permanent hair dye and lots and lots of oil. I chose the Wild Argan Oil as it looked like a very simple and interesting product that could be used on both my body and the dry ends of my hair. It is enriched with organic community trade Argan Oil from Morocco and I really, really like it. I use it everywhere and particularly on my hair, it has left the drier strands seriously nourished. I put it on my face too after a cleanse and my skin just drinks it up whilst remaining clear and nourished. The rich oil is easily warmed in the palm of your hands to give an instant glow. 
Olive Oil Soap
I am making a conscious effort to attain more and more natural and ethical products in my beauty regime. I don’t know what came over me, but when scouting my favourite ‘Olive’ section I saw a humble bar of soap and at ยฃ2 I snapped it up. First things, first the Olive Soap made from organic olive oil makes my shower smell insane all day long, like a Mediterranean holiday. Secondly, I figured soaps were insanely drying…Not this one it is incredibly moisurising and leaves my skin feeling and smelling lovely.
What is your favourite product from The Body Shop?

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