Bedside Beauty // What’s On My Bedside Table?

For as long as I can remember i’ve always had a few trinkets and beauty products positioned on my bedside table as I have a few little rituals that I always do before I go to sleep. 
First up I will make a cup of tea to sip on whilst i’m reading my book (Currently Mick Jagger’s autobiography) or catching up on Youtube and then I will brush my hair using a Denman bristle brush – i’ve always wanted a Mason Pearson brush, which I think the Denman is based on, but with a hefty price tag of around 50 quid, I can’t quite justify it. Anyhow, this does this trick to smooth and polish my hair into silky wonderfulness.
Once my hair is nicely brushed I will apply some hair oil or serum to the lengths of my hair to keep the bleach ravished ends soft and manageable in the morning. I am currently using the Garnier ‘Ultimate Blends – Strength Restorer Serum’ which is created for fragile hair prone to breakage and is enriched with propolis that honey bee’s use to fill crevices and varnish their honeycombs. Not only does it smell gorgeous, like honey but it also is a wonder worker on my parched hair.

I also apply some hand cream, especially at this time of year when my hands are exposed to dramatic temperature changes and generally feel a little unloved. I am currently using a Royal Jelly cream with pure honey from M+S beauty, it is light weight and non greasy and smells super luxurious.

Once i’ve finished my brew I will apply a few spritzes of my perfume L’aimant by Coty a heady, sexy classic scent that is reminiscent of Chanel No.5. I love this scent as it’s powdery floral notes remind me of my Nana when I was a child, it’s comforting and mesmerising and even more nostalgic in the way my Grandma wore it as a teenager. I’ve even had it described by my man friend that it smells like Autumn – whatever that means.

Finally, I will apply a dab of Carmex to my lips which are usually chapped and dry at this time of year from the cold and the fact I wear bright lipstick almost everyday to work. It’s matte, non greasy and leaves your lips feeling nourished. Perfect for a good night kiss?

Do you have any night time beauty rituals?

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