I’m moving in with a boy! My new working/beauty space

I'm moving in with a boy

The last few weekends have been spent packing, carrying, unpacking, scrubbing and hoovering. It is only today, (Sunday as I write this) that I have been able to take some time to sit and write a blog post. I must admit, it was nice quite nice to have a week off as I was juggling moving out of my flat with my day job, a rigorous gym routine and balancing the books on my emotions. If you follow me on Instagram @goodgollymisshollie you’ll know that last week I locked the door on my flat for a final time and moved in with my boyfriend.

For the past, nearly 7 years (OMG! ) I have used Good Golly Miss Hollie to document pretty much everything of significance in my life, everything from starting my A levels to graduating with my degree and everything else that has happened in-between. It only felt right that here in August 2017, I note that I moved in with a man. Wow, it still sounds mental to type.

I'm moving in with a boy
I have to admit, when I decided that I wasn’t going to renew the lease on my flat, it was bloody terrifying and I struggled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Nerves, excitement, sadness, happiness – you name it, I felt it! And as the weeks and days drew closer and closer to my moving date, I was all over the place. I have written about the pleasure living on my own gives me (GAVE me) and I found so much peace living in my own flat for the last 3 years. I like to be on my own terms and do my own thing – I’ve always been this way. 
Obviously, moving in with my boyfriend is exciting, but it is also terrifying! If all goes to plan, this is it now for hopefully the next 60 years! I have to admit though, once I handed the keys in to my ex landlord and took a different route ‘home’ from work. I begin to feel at ease. 

As I write this, I am sat at my new sassy working area…

Adam is also working in his office where a curtain divides us, it’s open today as he hasn’t been annoying me. He is self-employed and I like to spend a portion of my Sunday blogging, so this works. We may not be talking, but every now and again he will spin around in his chair and pull a stupid face…or I’ll deliver a drink to his desk before scuttling off to finish writing a blog, or researching an new article. That sense of still being able to do my own thing, and having someone to come home to every night is pretty lovely.

I'm moving in with a boy

Smush aside, I thought that I would today talk about my new working space/vanity area. One of the stipulations of me moving in, was that I wanted a place to house all my worldly trinkets, be able to work and beautify myself.

The desk is from Ikea and features the adjoining Kallax square shelving. As you can see, it is pretty packed out featuring some of my favourite books, (Shantaram being my favourite fictional and Pretty Iconic being my favourite non-fiction.)  I also have a few antiques, candles from Anthropologie and of course my prized perfume collection. Moving really did make me realise how much stuff I have!

I'm moving in with a boy
My chair is a seriously funky number, also from Ikea. I was originally going to go for a wooden style, but Adam convinced me with his usual line: “buy it nice, or buy it twice!” I’m surprised he was so cool about me going for this as it currently lives in our bedroom and is so bold and reminiscent of Elma the elephant. My cushion is a Primark special and completely makes the whole set-up look over the top. #sass
The multicoloured rug that it sits on is from B+M and I really enjoy the colour pops. The lamp is the lamp from Aldi and on it I house a little tortoisehell mirror from Home Sense.
I'm moving in with a boy

I mostly use my desk to do my make-up on a morning and as a workspace at night. My jewellery boxes house bracelets and earrings and I might actually do an updated jewellery collection in the near future. The silver box is an antique and the palm print one is from TK Maxx, both are pretty deep and roomy.

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