Why Jewellery Is One Of My Greatest Loves

I talk about jewellery a lot over here on my little slice of the internet. Heck, there’s even a a whole section of my blog dedicated to jewellery.  I’ve spoken at great lengths about how I began an affinity with treasures and trinkets, but rarely why I love stacking multiple bracelets and adorning each finger with a weighty ring.

I love the connection that jewellery gives me to people and places…

Above, are the pieces I am currently wearing everyday, probably because there is a story behind them all. Whether it be a gift from a friends travels to The Alps, a ring sourced on a romantic walk down Portobello Road, or a bracelet from the hippy market in Ibiza – I like to wear each piece to remind me of someone, or somewhere.

The most recent piece in my collection is a necklace from Lola Rose. And whilst this is a relatively new necklace in my rotation, it marks a significant wind of change in my life.

Changes that I hope will align with a new beginning that is just on the horizon. I’m trying to go for a more fuss-free approach to the way I dress and the way I organise my house – even my desk at work. Instead of the loud and bold approach to life and accessorising that I usually take – I am going for something a little more pared back to see if it helps unlock the clutter in my brain.

Watch: MVMT | Beaded Bracelet: Zakynthos | Teardrop earrings: M Vintage | Wooden bracelet: A gift | Palm earrings: etsy | Ring: Portobello Market | Gold Bangle: Ibiza

This is why the Lola Rose Nocturne Teardrop Pendant featuring a delicate Labrodite stone is the perfect everyday necklace to compliment my new, cleaner way of thinking. It’s simple, understated and gracious. On a side note, how beautiful is the pastel pink packaging? Fits in pretty well around here huh?

And now, when I look at my new necklace it reminds me of the future to come…

* Post contains gifted items from Lola Rose

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