New To My Glossier Collection // Cloudpaint, Balm Dot Com + Generation G Lipsticks Review

Wearing: Stretch Concealer | Cloudpaint’s in ‘Beam’ and ‘Dusk’ | ‘Crush’ Generation G lip colour | Maybelline ‘Great Lash‘ mascara 

There was a time when I really didn’t understand the statement: ‘Less is more’ – for me, more was always more and when it came to my make-up, this was so obviously the case. My eyes would be heavily kohled with a smokey grey/green eyeshadow and my lips would be dramatic, more often on than not, i’d be wearing Vamp from Makeup Revolution or Heroine from MAC – And that was just the makeup I wore to school.

These days, unless i’m going out somewhere fancy, I simply don’t have the time to pile on the makeup and if i’m quite honest it’s just not a look I like on myself anymore. Instead, I call upon a more pared back look with the help of my favourite Glossier products.

I’ve previously talked about the products that turned me on to Glossier, as well as my thoughts on the phase 1 set. So when payday came around, I decided to break my bank account…again with some of the remaining Glossier products that I had yet to try.

I had been put off purchasing the Cloudpaint cream blushes because one review said they’re teeny tiny and definitely not worth the money and another said that most of the product shoots out of the tube when you first open it and it is impossible to ever distribute a small amount.

So what changed my mind? Well, I was getting pretty bored of how powder formulas sat on my skin. I was pretty interested to see how the gel-cream Cloud-paint formula could help create dewy, flushed cheeks. I really struggled to decide on which shades i’d try, in the end I opted for the duo deal in ‘Dusk’ – a rosy, rust shade that I use as bronzer, and ‘Beam’ – a coral pink shade that dries matte. Both are subtle and give you a look reminiscent of a day spent on the beach.

L-R Balm Dot Com in ‘Cherry’ | Generation G lipstick in ‘Crush’ | Balm Dot Com in ‘Rose’
Why am I spending £10 each on multiple lip balms? Hmm I know. Completely and utterly frivolous! But they are all different right? I have a Balm Dot Com affectionate. I wear the formula everyday. 
The latest editions to my collection are; Cherry – wow this reminds me so much of a doll I used to have named ‘Baby All Gone’ – she came with food to feed her that smelt of cherries. 
Cherry is a subtle tint of red that is fully buildable. ‘Rose’ is a translucent pop of pink, an easy, breezy everyday shade that smells of rain on rose petals. Lush. And finally, a summer holiday in a tube the coconut variant of the Balm Dot Com family, Coconut smells heavenly – not your typical sun lotion scent, more like NICE biscuits and is a clear balm so you can wear it anytime, anywhere. 

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