Where I’m At With Fake Tanning // Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Review

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Review

I was 16 when I first discovered the beauty blogging community and ‘Youtube beauty gurus’ such as SWalkerMakeup, Pixi2Woo and Fleur De Force. It was because of people like Sara Walker and Tanya Burr, (OG influencers!) that I first heard about St Moriz (Pronounced San Mo-ritz up north) fake tan.

Back then, the £3 mousse was available to buy in Bodycare, a budget beauty store based just around the corner from where I worked at the time. I just had to get my hands on some St Moriz. All my dreams of achieving that Jlow glow had the potential to come true, all thanks to one bottle of fake tan.

Discovering fake tan was honestly such a turning point for my self- confidence.

Around this time, I was also obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens and hell-bent on doing everything I could to look like her – including magically transforming my naturally very pale skin, into tanned olive skin like Vanessa’s. Sure enough, this didn’t happen for me in the actual sunshine, I simply turned a flattering shade of lobster red. I guess the fact that Vanessa is of Filipino descent and I’m as caucasian as they come, didn’t really spring to mind. That’s when fake tan became my beauty saviour.

Where I'm At With Fake Tanning // Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Review

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