My love for Mac make-up products started pretty much when my obsession with ‘beauty guru’s’ began back in 2009 when I was around 16/17. Up until then I hadn’t heard of the cosmetics line and certainly couldn’t afford to splurge on new collections.
My small collection of Mac make-up has been established over the last four years or so and whilst I am a maven for budget beauty, there is something incredibly satisfying about treating yourself to a new Mac lippy or eyeshadow. 
The Face: My favourite foundation of all time is ‘Studio fix fluid’ a medium to high coverage foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly with NW20. The great thing about Mac foundation is that any formula can be matched to almost any skin tone although I have found that finding super fair shades is tricky. One of my favourite Mac products of all time is ‘Soft and Gentle’ mineralise skin finish, if you are looking for a ‘lit from within’ glow then this is the perfect highlighter and a cult Mac product.
The Lips: They are incredibly overpriced and I only ever buy them on special occasions but Mac lipsticks are my favourite Mac products. I currently own, ‘Ruby Woo’ the cult matte red, ‘Girl about town’ a seriously punchy pink and my favourite lipstick, ‘Angel’ my first ever Mac purchase instigated by Kim Kardashian of all people, ‘New York Apple’ the perfect pinky red shade and ‘Fresh Moroccan’ my newest purchase, a deep brown/red shade with gold shimmer. 
The Eyes: I received one of the ‘Tartan Tale’ gift sets for my 17th birthday and I loved the ‘Zoom Lash’ mascara, ‘Blitz and Glitz’ gel liner and peacock shade loose pigment that came inside a tartan pouch. ‘Blitz and Glitz’ is a gorgeous silky eye liner with gold flecks running through the formula. I don’t tend to wear the loose pigment very often but it is the perfect partner for any green smokey eye look. Funnily enough one of my first ever Youtube video’s featured a tutorial on how to use this pigment. One of my favourite eye shadows to compliment my blue/green/grey eye colour is ‘Green Smoke’ a sheer, sparkly green shade that looks great patted over the top of other colours and also on its own as a sheer shadow. I also love paint pots, in particular the perfect partner in crime for blue eyes, ‘Rubenesque’ which is a very sheer cream shadow that looks amazing on its own for a dewy look and great layered with other amber and gold shadows.

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  • My Mac collection is pretty small at the moment, three lipsticks, concealer and Studio Fix powder, I love each product and I need to buy more but I live in a small town and no where stocks Mac which is really annoying, although I suppose also good too or else my student loan would be spent on Mac

    Emma emhasrednails

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