I have to admit that I am seriously late on the whole ‘contouring’ hype. The closest i’ve gotten is probably sucking my cheeks in like a fish and popping a dusting of bronzer in the hollows. I’ve never tried the ‘baking effect’ and messing about trying to make face look thinner seems like too much hard work for a day in the office. 
I stumbled across the Technik ‘Conour Stix’ in a discounted beauty store in Liverpool, a pack of three sticks was Β£2.99 and I must say I was pretty intrigued to see what they could achieve for me. The box comes with a guide on where to use each stick on the face but generally the darker bronze stick is used for the areas you’d like to create a shadow and ‘chisel,’ the cream stick is for brightening and accentuating areas such as the under eyes, chin and nose and the pinkier stick is for highlight. 
I applied the super creamy, contour stix using the guide and blending with a MAC 130 ‘Stippling brush.’ I have to say, I noticed a result on the photos i’d taken but not when looking in the mirror and I really, really like the results. These sticks are ridiculously easy to blend and super light on the skin, no cakey skin to be seen here!
Not that i’ve incorporated the cream sticks into my everyday routine, I swerve concealer and bronzing powder, I must prefer the dewy look that these beauties give me. 
Which products do you use to contour?

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