Monthly Favourites – November 2016

Hair:It’s not often that I found a haircare product that really gets me excited as I find most products to be pretty much the same whether they’re a detangler, a heat protectant or a leave in conditioner. I have been applying semi permanent medium brown hair dye every 6 weeks or so to keep any brassiness from my blonde at bay, and in turn I have been using the Scott Cornwall ‘Pre Colour – Protein Spray’. You spray this through dry, porous hair before colouring to help pack the proteins back into damaged hair, it also helps to strengthen and prevent breakage as well as creating a more even colouring by filling in the gaps in dry and extra porous areas.  Not only does this smell super lush, think salon quality product but it is pretty wonderful at keeping my dry, unruly hair protected and evenly coloured.

I have also been trying out a new heat protectant this month in the form of the Got2B ‘Guardian Angel’ 220 Heat Protectant. I can never gauge if this stuff actually works but it smells lovely and keeps my hair from giving off that sexy burnt hair smell whenever I use the curling wand. Anything has to be better than nothing right?

Nails: My least favourite colour is blue so it was a bit of a surprise when I had a desire to wear turquoise nail varnish whilst on holiday in America this summer. I bought this ‘Sinful Colours’ shade named ‘Savage’ from Walmart for a few dollars and the formula is outstanding, chip free for well over a week and ultra glossy and opaque in one coat. I wouldn’t usually choose such a beachy/summery shade at this time of year but I have been absolutely loving it. 
Perfume: I mentioned ‘L’aimant by Coty’ in my bedside beauty post so I won’t talk about it too much but this iconic scent which reminds me of my Nana has soon become my everyday perfume, it’s rich, heady and distinctly old fashioned but I LOVE it. 
Lifestyle: This month I was introduced to the Ginger Zinger shots from James White and I take one in the morning before breakfast to give a little wake me up. The shots include organic crushed ginger and apple juice with water and ascorbic acid as an anti-oxidant. I like the extra hot variant for a super heated effect.

Lips: Another surprise this month has been my love of nude lips, yeah really! I have been mixing ‘Kinda Sexy’ and ‘Velvet Teddy’ both nudey/brown shades that look lovely when paired together, perfect for daytime and pairing with a subtle, brown smokey eye.

Lifestyle: November is my favourite month as a lot of exciting things start happening, everything from an awesome Bonfire night celebration toasting marshmallows on the fire-pit, watching pretty fireworks and tucking into traditional pie and peas to watching the Chicago stage show as this month I turned 23 and had a super exciting birthday week filled with lots and lots of love from friends and family as well as a few surprises as there is now a new man, or should I say kitten in my life by the name of Reggie. He’s 4 months old and an incredibly confident, bold and playful black cat, meeting him was an epic surprise this month and he is just the softest, most loving little creature who loves a cuddle.

In November I also saw my bae Liam Fray this month on The Courteeners ‘Mapping the rendezvouz’ tour – unfortunately there was a problem with my allocated seat so we were moved to an entire section / balcony just for us slap bang, right in front of the stage. EPIC.

Playlist for November on Spotify: You may have noticed the playlist has found a home in the sidebar and there you will find everything from 90s r’n’b slow jams to The Style Council, to Madonna, ofcourse ‘Celebration’ is on there too for obvious reasons.

What have you been loving in the month of November?

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