Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers

With the festive season and the madness of Christmas shopping in full swing, I thought it was about time to introduce you all to a few beauty goodies that would make perfect stocking fillers for a total beauty lover…Or for those that appreciate some seriously sassy packaging. 

The gift of scent…

Perfume makes a wonderful gift, especially for those like me with a penchant for scent! Accessorize have recently launched their latest perfume offering just in time for Christmas albeit with very summery branding! Available for £19 for a generous 75ml online or in-store ‘Lovelily’ is a sweet and vibrant scent with notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine, and vanilla. 
This is a fun and girly scent which is perfect for daytime and will be especially lovely to wear as a light fragrance throughout spring and summer. The bottle is pretty darn gorgeous too, featuring a cute pink and yellow flower situated in the lid which looks gorgeous on a perfume shelf or dressing table.
Cute and kitsch beauty sets…
This year The Vintage Cosmetics Company also have some seriously gorgeous stocking fillers available this Christmas. The British brand offers a range of beauty accessories that all have the glamour and charm of the 1950s and everything vintage. 
First up it’s the Luxury Beauty Cracker which I think would make a seriously lovely Secret Santa gift or as a present to open on Christmas Eve. The £9.95 cracker includes 3 little gifts such as full size tweezers (Which I can confirm are as sharp and as effective as my Tweezerman pair). There is also a duo pencil sharpener, perfect for chunkier eye pencils as well as regular sized products and a mini emery board for your handbag or on your desk, other little items such as a beauty tip and a paper crown are also included.
I think my favourite product from The Vintage Cosmetics Company’s Christmas range is the ‘Girls Night Tin’ – Priced at £27.50 this is the perfect gift for your bestie or for someone who loves a pamper night. The set includes a super sweet towelled dolly-bow headband which is perfect for keeping your hair away from your face whilst you soak in a gorgeous bubble bath. There is also a pair of the legendary tweezers as well as a pair of floral scissors, a fantail brush which I have been using for highlighter a nail buffer and toe separators for a perfect pedicure. The heart shaped tin is also pretty lovely too which you can use to store your beauty tools or even as a biscuit tin.
Natural beauty…
Finally, I wanted to talk about a fair trade, cruelty-free vegan beauty brand named ‘Fair Squared’ an alternative trade organisation who create wonderful, natural beauty products using olives from Palestine, almond and apricot kernel oil from Pakistan, green tea from India, desiccated coconut from Thailand, argan oil from Morocco and coconut oil from India. 
I have a few samples above that I have been trying out but the full sized products are 250ml from between £8.95 to – £12.50. My stand out products include the green tea body lotion, it is revitalising and nourishing all thanks to the green tea ingredient which has been used in Chinese healing medicine for centuries. I also love the Olive liquid soap which is laced with olive oil known for its antioxidant properties and benefits in helping prevent premature ageing.
Which beauty gifts do you like the look of?

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