3 Beauty Rituals For When You Feel Grubby + Run Down

For the last couple of weeks i’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Between moving into our new house, birthday’s, seeing friends and spending time with family – i’ve been barely keeping on top of eating right, working out and getting an early night. Oops.

The stresses that come with a house move caused me to break my new years resolution before it had even really got going and that was ‘stop biting my nails’ (For the 18th time in my 24 years on earth!) Along with bitten nails (stubs) and a perma top-knot that lets face it, didn’t get washed as much as it should as I unpacked the 123rd box of the weekend and assembled the 17th piece of furniture – I wasn’t looking so fab, in-fact on one of the moving days, i’m pretty sure Adam said I ‘looked like a hot mess’ – He’s since gone on to say that he meant ‘we’.

Beauty for when you feel grubby…

There are a few failsafe beauty rituals and products that are guaranteed to make me look and feel sassy again. And when the final box was unpacked and the contents of which were put in their respective places, I had a long, hot bath and reached for the following products…

1. Skincare

It probably bares no surprise that some Glossier products made the cut here. I used the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack almost every night for my facial fix of vitamins, fruits and leafy greens. The mask is super comfortable to wear without drying too hard and helps drawn out impurities that are lurking beneath the skins surface. I also basted myself in the Glossier Priming Moisturiser – the mix of Hyaluronic acid and soothing tea and honey really helped my dehydrated, battered skin. And finally, what is life without a slick of Balm Dot Com? The cold February weather calls for some serious lip hydration.

2. Nails 

I’ve already mentioned that my finger nails have seen better days but a touch of the classic shade of nude pink that is ‘Ballet Slippers‘ by Essie. Whilst it won’t save my hands from looking horrendous, it at least makes them look a little more polished. On my toes, more often than not you’ll find me sporting a pillar box red pedicure. My favourite red is ‘Flamenco Red‘ from Rimmel and is part of their super gel line – it lasts an eternity without chipping and makes me feel cheery when I see it poking out of the bubbles in my bath.

3. Red Lipstick

Yeah, I know…You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but it really is true when I say nothing makes me feel more peppy than a touch of red lipstick. I am currently sporting ‘Rouge Verite‘ from And Other Stories, a deep burgundy red that instantly takes my mood from flat to fab. Other favourites include ‘Red Square’ from NARS and ‘Ruby Woo’ from MAC.

* Post contains gifted items 

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